Most Worn Items in August

I can’t believe another month has flown by!  Time to do my monthly round-up of most worn items, that I track on the Stylebook App (highly recommend, not sponsored in anyway).   For Most Worn in July, see here.

Most Worn Overall – Madewell Medium Transport Tote


Again, my most worn piece this past month was a bag.  For August, my newer Madewell Transport Tote was the winner.  I’ve never had a cognac/brown bag before, believe it or not, since most my wardrobe is black, blue or white.  But the cognac color was a great pop of neutral color that went with almost everything.  The size of this bag is perfect – large enough to hold a work file or notebook, but small enough that I can carry it around without feeling like my bag is too big.  It’s a casual bag, but I felt comfortable carrying it to work as well.  And it is remarkably sturdy – I spilled a whole protein shake in the bag (not my best morning), and it not only held in all the liquid, but I was able to rinse the inside out and it looks great.  See it on me here , here and here.

Times Worn in August: 20

Times Worn in 2017:  31

Cost per Wear: $5.64

Most Worn Shoe: Birkenstock Gizeh Sandal


This sandal was the winner again, two months in a row.  What can I say, they are comfy as sneakers and stylish enough to go with most outfits.  I didn’t wear these to work (my casual style can only go so far!), but pretty much lived in these outside of work.  See them on me here.

Times Worn in August: 11

Times Worn in 2017: 47

Cost per Wear: $1.38

Most Worn Clothing (Tie): Splendid Striped T-Shirt and Articles of Society Jean Shorts 

With the heat wave this summer in Los Angeles, I quickly realized that I didn’t have enough shorts or T-shirts.   I didn’t want to spend a lot on either, since they tend to get washed and worn a lot, so picked these items up on sale.  They both have been staples for the summer, and since the price was low originally, the cost per wear has been great.  See the shirt on me here. The shorts are no longer available, but similar on super sale $15, here.

Striped T-Shirt:

Times Worn in August: 4

Times Worn in 2017: 9

Cost Per Wear: $3.33

Jean Shorts:

Times Worn in July: 4

Times Worn in 2017: 8

Cost Per Wear: $3.75

Key Lesson: Lower Initial Prices result in Lower CPW (Cost Per Wear)

This seems like a no-brainer, but in the past, I’ve justified higher priced items by thinking I’d wear them so much that the CPW would be low.  In tracking my wardrobe, it’s just not true.  If something started with a low price, the CPW’s are much lower….the higher priced items never get low, no matter how much I wear them.  Both the T-shirt and the shorts above are on my lowest CPW list, and I haven’t worn them that much.

This doesn’t mean I should rush out and buy things on sale, but it also means that I really should pause when I think “investment” clothing.  I see a lot of articles on “Clothing items that you should invest in in” and to be honest, I don’t think they make a lot of sense.  Stocks are an investment, not clothing!


Switch Jewelry Rental Review

As I have been exploring my style, I’ve been hesitating to buy too many new items.  Jewelry in particular is a challenge.  My jewelry is very minimal – I generally wear the same simple gold hoop earrings and “B” necklace everyday.

I found Switch a month ago, and have really been loving it.  It’s a monthly jewelry rental service, with high quality jewelry pieces (they say the average retail value is $500).  They have a well-curated selection with a range of styles – everything from minimal to bold to trendy (apparently chokers are back!).  The cost depends on how many pieces you want at one time: Gold is 1 piece ($29/month), Platinum is 2 pieces ($49/month), and Black is 3 pieces ($69/month).  You keep each piece as long as you want, and then you return and select a new one.  They are pretty quick – once they receive the item, I can immediately get a new one, and they ship within two business days.  The company is in Los Angeles, so I have been getting the pieces within on day, but it might take a little longer the further you live (they ship regular USPS, except for the first item which came next day air).

I’ve gotten two pieces so far, and have really enjoyed them.  I’ve tried to select pieces a little out of my comfort zone, and while I wouldn’t have bought any of them, they are so fun to try.  Each piece comes nicely boxed, with a fun note card.



First, the Chloe Hoop Lariat Necklace (retail $590) – When I first got this piece, I didn’t think I would like it.  It was a heavy, brassy gold chain – not my style at all.  But when I started playing with it, I found I really liked it.  It went with more casual and more formal outfits, and brought a little style to my neutral outfits.




Next, vintage Chanel clip-on earrings (retail $500) – I liked the bold statement look of these earrings, and the brassy gold vintage look with the faux pearl center.  They would go well with office wear or evening wear.  These were larger than I would normally wear, and a bit on the heavy side for me, so I didn’t keep them on too long, but they inspired me to keep bolder gold earrings in mind.


I’m still using the program, so stay tuned for my next review.  If this review has helped and you interested in joining, please consider using my referral code:  TaoCarolyn22J  The Switch website is here.  This is not a sponsored post, but I will get a small referral credit.  Thank you!