4 Tips on How to Buy Final Sale Items

Final Sale 3Final Sale 2

Blouse, DVF (not available anymore, but similar hereicon) | Jeans, Current Elliot (old), similar here| Booties, Rag & Bone Margot
icon | Tote, Madewell Medium Transport Tote| Sunglasses, Ray Ban Aviators

One of my cardinal rules of shopping is to never buy final sale items.   I’ve learned this the hard way after buying several “deals” and then ended up  giving away to friends (XS Splendid sweatshirt, I’m looking at you) or donating them (too many to count).   Very, very occasionally I will break my own rule.  The blouse above by DVF is one example of a final sale purchase – it was 90% off at the recent Outnet x Purseblog sale ($27 down from $268), and I was thrilled with it when I finally received it.  Wanted to share my tips on what makes a good final sale.

  1. Be Familiar With the Brand Sizing – Brands all fit slightly differently.  In order to know the size you should buy, you need to know if a brand runs small/large for the item you are buying.  I own two dresses from DVF, and know that the brand runs small.  Knowing that, I sized up, and the shirt fits perfectly.  Once I bought a Trina Turk dress I already owned in a different color – I knew for sure it would fit!
  2.  Make Sure It’s on Steep Discount – I generally won’t look at anything on final sale unless it’s 70% off or more.  You are taking a risk that something won’t work out, and you should be compensated for that risk with a steep discount.  In this case, 90% off felt like a great deal!
  3. Make Sure It’s An Item On Your Planned Purchase List — Sometimes I’m tempted to buy things just because they are such a good deal.  But buying things I don’t need just makes my closet more cluttered.  In this case, I was in the market for a button down white shirt.  In fact, I had already considered buying this exact blouse, but decided not to because the original price wasn’t in my budget.  So, I was thrilled when this popped up in the sale.
  4. Be Okay With Losing All Your Money – Ultimately a final sale is a gamble.  And just like gambling, you should be okay with losing all your money at the end of the day.  For this blouse, I was okay with losing $27 at the end of the day.  There was another dress I was eyeing that was $68, and I wasn’t okay with losing that much money, so I walked away from it.

Do you have any favorite final sale tips?  Please share!

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