Most Worn Pieces in July

One of the things I have been doing this year is tracking my outfit everyday via the Stylebook App.  It’s really easy, actually kind of fun, and has been an eye opener in terms of what I wear the most often and don’t wear at all.   I thought it would be helpful to review my most worn pieces every month, and see if there are any patterns.

Most Worn Overall:  Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Biker Backpack


My most worn item every single month since January has been a bag.  It makes sense because I usually carry the same handbag for the whole season, until the weather changes.  I can’t do that with clothing.   For July, my trusty Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack was the most worn item.  Because it’s black nylon, I don’t have to worry about it at the playground or gym, but because of the gold metal and black color, I can take it out at night for drinks or dinner.

Times Worn in July: 16

Times Worn in 2017:  28

Cost per Wear: $2.18 (estimated based on total wears)

More Worn Shoe:  Birkenstock Gizeh Sandal


Ahhh…my Birkenstocks.  I got these last year when I cut my foot badly with a wine bottle (don’t ask), and couldn’t wear normal shoes for a few months.  It turns out these are amazingly comfortable.  I even wore them all day to Disneyland, and was so surprised that they felt better than my usual sneakers.  The nice thing is that the white color actually elevates these a little, so I don’t feel too casual when I wear these.

Times Worn in July: 16

Times Worn in 2017: 42

Cost Per Wear: $1.54 (estimated based on total wears)

Most Worn Clothing: (tie)  J Crew Khaki Shorts and Splendid T-Shirt (on sale for $29)

Clothing always gets the least wears, since I usually wear an outfit once every three or four weeks.  I’m trying to change that and pick pieces that can be worn more often, because it seems ridiculous that I have 31 outfits per month.  My husband generally wears the same 5 shirts, 2 jeans and 2 shoes every week – I want to be able to get to that place.

It was a tie in July between my old khaki shorts from JCrew, and my newer grey T-shirt from Splendid.  Both of these are basics that I can throw on.  The khaki shorts are nice because they are fairly casual, but not sloppy.  The T-shirt is amazingly soft, which is why I keep reaching for it whenever it’s clean.


Times Worn in July: 6

Times Worn in 2017: 13

Cost Per Wear: $3.07

Khaki Shorts:

Times Worn in July: 6

Times Worn in 2017: 11

Cost Per Wear: $2.72 (estimated based on total wears)

Key Learnings: 

Overall I’m pretty happy with the most worn items this month.  One of the great things is that most of these items are old (the JCrew shorts are 4 years old!) and relatively inexpensive.

  1. Comfort & practicality is key – I’m busy and need clothing that will fit my on-the-go lifestyle.  The items that I’m going to reach for most have to be versatile and comfortable.  The ones above all can be dressed up or down, and are very low maintenance.  I need to keep this in mind next time I fall in love with a dry-clean only shirt, or a pair of going out heels.
  2. Everyday basics get the most wear and have the lowest cost per wear – The cost per wear on the above items are fantastic (and will still likely go down further).   I guess it’s because they are everyday items, and I wear them frequently.    I bought the Birkenstocks at full price, which made me cringe a little, but on a cost per wear basis, these are some of my cheapest shoes.  Where I need to cut back are on special occasion items, which just sit in my closet.
  3. Summer 10×10 helped increase wears – The T-shirt, shorts and sandals were all part of my Summer 10×10.  I was amazed at the creativity that came out of that challenge — there were at least four outfits I had never worn before, even though most of the items were older.  In finding new ways to wear older items, I increased my number of wears.
  4. Need to up the Polish – As part of my newly defined style, Effortless California Polish, one of my realizations is that I could increase my polish.  It would be great to have a slightly more elevated item make it into the Most Worn list next month.

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