Part 3: Style Mood Board & Profile

I’m so excited to have made it to my mood board & profile!  Guys, this was so much fun to do.  It feels like my style was fuzzy and out-of-focus, and now its becoming clearer.  I’m sure it will evolve over time (and with changing seasons), but for now, I’m really thrilled about it!

For those of you just starting to follow along, I’m loosely following The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees to help me redefine my style for my current life.  Here are a few background posts on my style journey:  Wardrobe Wake-Up Call, Part 1: My Current Style, Part 2: Getting Inspired

Name: Effortless California Polish = Relaxed Comfort + Classic Polish + Bit of Sass

Key Idea: My personal style is based on comfort and practicality, but exudes put-together polish.

What does this style say about its wearer?  Inner confidence, subtle femininity, intelligence

What does a typical outfit look like for this style?  Boxy top, skinny jeans, and mules.  Jumpsuit & block heels.  Loose dress, sneakers, and jean jacket.

What are key pieces of this style?  Denim of all kinds, jumpsuits, high quality T-shirts, jersey blazers, polished blouses, block heeled booties & sandals, classic sneakers.  Look for tnteresting details on classic items above.

What are the dominant colors?  White, black, navy, cognac, beige.  Occasional accent colors.  Prints are great, but shouldn’t be overly loud or bold.

Styling: Minimal accessories – any jewelry must be classic & refined.   Makeup that looks natural and healthy.  Should always feel effortless, and never look match-matchy or trying too hard.  A mix of casual and polished pieces.

As I think about my wardrobe, I can already think of pieces that don’t fit this style….I’m excited to move onto the wardrobe overhaul part.   Anything above that resonates with you, or that you think I’m missing?

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