Part 2: Discovering My Style – Get Inspired

I’m excited to move to the next phase of my style journey.  I’m loosely following The Curated Closet book by Anushka Rees to find and define my personal style.  To see where this started, check out my previous posts, Wardrobe Wake-Up Call or Part 1: My Current Style.

This phase is all about honing in on my inspiration.  I combed through online and offline images to find outfits that spoke to me.  One of the key things I was looking for were outfits I would actually wear, not outfits that I loved visually on someone else, but weren’t right for me

I pulled looks from some of my favorite bloggers.  I think my favorite style is Jamie from Damsel in Dior.  Maybe because she lives in LA, but there’s a very casual but chic vibe from her outfits.  Everything looks effortless.  I like that she wears basic colors, but always has an interesting texture, print, or detail that pulls everything together.

I also love Ahn from 9to5chic.  Her style is definitely more professional & elegant.  I can’t rock her 4″ stiletto heels (I wish!), but can take inspiriting from elegant details and quality items.  Even when she’s wearing something affordable (the middle and right photos have Ann Taylor items), she makes items seem like them are much more expensive.

I follow Jean from Extra Petite religiously.  Her style is classic, feminine, and fitted. She is a master at finding affordable picks that look great, and her attention to fit on a more petite body is amazing.  Her style is a little more classic than mine, but when I am looking for a classic piece that will last forever (like coats, I bought both the navy and beige ones below), I look to her.

I also love Lee from Style Bee.  With so much going on in my life, the idea of a minimalistic wardrobe where everything is exchangeable sounds like heaven.  Her style is a little more clean & minimal than mine, but it just helps me think more about color combos, silhouettes, and accessorizing.  Her outfit below on the right helped convince me to purchase cognac colored booties, and I adore them.

Finally, I like checking in on Aimee from Song of Style.  Her looks are usually a little too editorial/high fashion for me (so fun to look at though!), but occasionally she has a simpler look that I feel like I could pull off in real life.

Looking at the images above (and a lot of others, the images above are just a small fraction of what I pulled), I’m narrowing down my personal likes.  I think one thing I need to be conscious of is that the bloggers above are all 20 pounds lighter, probably 10 years younger than me, and only one has any kids.  So I’ll have to really define what works for me and not just copy their styles.

Things I Like: 

Overall Vibe:

  • Effortless & Classic
  • Casual Meets Tailored

Individual Items

  • Basics with interesting details
  • Tailored coats
  • Maxi skirts & dresses
  • All kind of jeans – dark, light, distressed
  • Slouchy sweaters
  • Oversized sunglasses
  • White linen shirts
  • Pops of print
  • Flat sandals, kitten heels, & heeled booties
  • Backpacks!


  • Black
  • White
  • Denim
  • Stripes of all kinds
  • Beige
  • Olive
  • Gold jewelry (dainty, minimal)


  • High-waisted pants/skirts + cropped tops
  • Skinny jeans with simple tops & overcoat
  • Tank top + Cardigan + Flowy skirts
  • Simple tops + Wide-legged trousers
  • Jeans + Sneakers + Casual top

Other Factors:

  • Machine washable/Low Maintenance – I just don’t have time or money for frequent dry cleaning, and I don’t want to be overly careful about snagging or ruining items.
  • Comfortable – I need to be able to move freely, and walk around all day in my outfits.  On weekends, need to be able to play, crawl, get dirty with my 4-year old.
  • Used in Multiple Outfits – I want to simply my wardrobe, yet have items to wear for different activities.  So ideally each piece could be used in multiple outfits.

Things I Dis-Like: 

  • Materials: Cashmere (too high maintenance), Lace, Velvet
  • Individual Items: Turtlenecks (too hot for California), Long cardigans (overwhelms my petite frame & feels too sloppy), most cross-body bags (prefer backpacks)
  • Colors: Beige items near my face – washes me out, Loud patterns

That’s the end of this phase – whew!  I’ve already felt like I’ve learned a lot about my style from this process, and can see where items I own either fit/don’t fit/need to be restyled.  Does anything stand out to you? Would love any other comments, in case I’m missing something!

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