Part 1: The Journey Begins – My Current Style

I’m excited to get started on my wardrobe journey….I’ve decided to read through the The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees, and follow the process step-by-step.  For complete background, see my Wardrobe Wake-Up Call post.  It seems a little daunting, but if it can help me, then it will be totally worth it.  First section – my Current Style.

Step 1.  Document your outfits.  DONE!   (I highly recommend StyleBook if you want to to do this – makes it fun and simple.)

Step 2.  Answer Fashion Questionnaire about current wardrobe.

  • What was you favorite outfit?  Definitely this one below.  I think I love it because it’s completely comfy, yet polished & on-trend in a low-key way.  At the core, the outfit is just a T-shirt and jeans.  But what sets it apart is that it is is my favorite black T-shirt and one of my comfy pair of jeans.  The look is elevated by the Alice & Olivia leather jacket and Gucci Princeton loafers, two of my splurge items that I absolutely love.  


  • What was your least favorite outfit?  Ugh, just looking at this outfit makes me cringe.  It’s put together using three of my oldest items that I thought I “should” try and wear.  The wrap sweater is too long on my 5’2″ self, and a little shapeless.  I used to wear leggings a lot in my 20’s, but don’t feel age appropriate wearing them anymore.  The outfit is comfortable, but I didn’t feel good wearing it, and remember wanting to get it off as soon as possible. 


  • List your five most-worn colors:  Black, White, Blue, Grey, Beige 
  • Did you tend to follow a specific formula for putting together your outfits?  I start with the weather and dress accordingly.  Usually I’ll do 5 casual outfits and 2 slightly dressier ones.  
  • What type of occasions do you have to dress for?  Work (business casual/casual – I live in Los Angeles!), Casual Events with Kids (park, birthday parties), and the Occasional Night Out (nothing fancy, maybe dinner out with friends).  
  • What is your stance on repeating outfits?  Fine to wear an outfit once a week, and repeat individual items more than that.  
  • What is your typical decision-making process? Impulse shopper without a plan.  Which is very different than how I am with everything else in life (I’m an uber-planner!)

Step 3: Write Down Your Style Goals

What do you like about your style and current wardrobe?

I have some high quality pieces that I’ve acquired over the past few years that I truly love.  I also like my overall clean, comfortable, classic aesthetic, and neutral-colored palette.  

Which aspects of your style and wardrobe need work?

I tend to have outfits vs. mix-and-match pieces because I’ll fall in love with a particular item without thinking about how it fits into my total wardrobe (also a learning from the Summer 10×10 challenge).   Also, many of my casual outfits are too casual – I would like to upgrade them so that I can feel put-together even on casual outings.  I need more elevated basics vs statement pieces.   

What new skills do you want to learn?

I’d like to be able to define a clear style for myself that is on-trend, but not trendy.  I would like to be able to put together a complete wardrobe that highlights my style and is easy to put together outfits with.  If I can do those things, I’m hoping that my wardrobe will be simplified, and allows me to spend more time, energy and money on other parts of my life. (Whew, those are a lot of skills!)

Overall Thoughts

Even just going through these questions has helped to clarify my goals, and where I am at now.  If I can develop the skills I’ve listed in my goals above, I’ll be really excited.  What about you?  Any style goals that you want to achieve?

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